Valerie Talacko Research and Translation    Valerie Talacko
A native English speaker with seven years' experience as an in-house and freelance translator,  Valerie Talacko provides high-quality translations at competitive rates from Czech and Slovak into English. She has worked for numerous clients, including film directors,  academic institutions, museums, theatrical institutions and exhibition organisers. She is also  familiar with business, economic, legal and EU terminology.

In addition, she provides research services involving Czech and Slovak information sources. Having spent a further six years as a political and regulatory research analyst at a business intelligence and economic forecasting company, she is experienced at searching and analysing a wide range of information sources and is
able to produce in-depth background reports, as well as answers to shorter research requests.


Registered as self-employed in the Czech Republic
Organisation no. 6239645
Taxpayer no. CZ600418442